The history of the Airboat dates back to 1905 and was invented by Alexander Graham Bell. The reason for its inception was to test different types of propulsion systems. The early name of the Airboat was called the fan boat. Airboats are a popular form of transportation in marshy areas such as the Florida Everglades and the Louisiana bayou’s. Airboat do not need Deepwater such as an outboard engine would. Now a days airboats don’t even need water and can be driven across land. With the advances in modern day technology you have airboats powered by aircraft engines or car engines.

air boat
One of Cypress Outdoor Adventures Air boats.
The engines themselves are protected by a metal cage that helps keep debris away from the propeller. Back in the day airboat propellers were made of wood, but today many Everglades airboats use carbon fiber propellers.
The Airboat hull is either made of fiberglass or aluminum for strength. Some airboats have a protective skin called Polymer which is bolted to the bottom of the airboat hull. This allows the Airboat driver to drive over hard surfaces and not damage the bottom of the airboat.
There are many different types of airboats.In the Everglades near Fort Lauderdale many air boaters enjoy a sled type airboat which allows them to glide over very shallow water. Other airboats who encounter deep water like to have their hulls with high sides to prevent sinking. Airboats in Fort Lauderdale can be of many different configurations. Air boaters in Fort Lauderdale,are a tight knit community and are always there to lend a helping hand. If in airboat is stranded or broken down people not just from Fort Lauderdale but all over will travel to make sure that that person in their family are safely brought back. The airboat code is to always lend a helping hand to a fellow Airboater.
We know that if our airboat is to get stuck we will be assisted by fellow airboaters.
People lying counter in Fort Lauderdale ask me how they can get in to airboating. I tell them they should contact the Broward Airboat club and also join Southern where they can learn a wealth of information and knowledge from the old time Airboater’s.
Whether your airboat is aluminum or fiberglass, wood or carbon fiber prop, mechanical or electrical gauges each person has their own preferences. Your can run the aircraft engines or car racing engines.The one thing we all have in common as Airboater’s is our love for the Florida Everglades and nature and always being there for one another.